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From Single & $90k In Debt... To Having A Baby & 100% Debt Free!

Since I took Liana’s training two years ago and engaged her as my Coach for a year, I've gone from being single and $90,000 in debt to now in a very healthy relationship (and we are expecting our first child sometime in April), and I am 5 weeks away from being 100% debt free.

Many thanks Liana!

Monika Zaviska
Monika Zaviska

Achieving My Bigger Life Goals With
Empowerment & Follow-Through!

It's been a great turning point in my life getting support and direction from Liana.

Many changes have occurred in my personal growth. I'm now able to recognize my strengths, and have started taking steps to achieving the bigger goals in my life.

Liana’s support has been amazing, and I now have a sense of self empowerment that is allowing me to make change and follow through with actions to support my journey to achieving my goals.

Thanks Liana, it has been an amazing journey with you.

My life has changed so much due to your support, understanding and love.


From "Always Thinking Of Others" To Going For What I Want!

Thank you Liana for guiding me back on track! I've found it very up lifting and my mind and body are a lot clearer.

Life doesn't seem to be as hard as it was 6 months ago... I enjoyed how you actually made me think about me, as I'm always thinking and helping others. I now have lights going on in my head and heart, and thanks to you and this program I'm thinking more about me and what I want. I am truly grateful for this.

Cherie Townsend
Cherie Townsend

From Whinging & Lost...
To Focussed & Confident!

I've been getting Creatrix sessions and it's really changed my life in a big way.

I have three weeks of the three month program left with Liana and I'd recommend this program to women who are: looking for direction, lost, have hit rock bottom or just want to clear blocks to gain confidence in themselves.

The blocks I've cleared have transformed me from a whinging person who was hopping from one thing to another... lost in what I really wanted to do, to someone who is now focused with direction, confidence and a knowingness that next year is going to BOOM for me!

Kylie Maker
Kylie Maker

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