If you knew you had the poise, skills and wisdom to successfully tackle ANYTHING life throws at you, what would you create at work, home and in life?

Hello and welcome! I'm award-winning Empathic Leadership Coach, Liana Allison. If you’re like many women I coach, you may carry a lot on your shoulders and spend a lot of energy worrying and overthinking, trying to figure out how to minimize the dramas around you and keep your head above water.

You may struggle to deal with overwhelming emotions that you don’t want to feel, persistent and upsetting thoughts that you don’t want to think, difficult patterns in your life and relationships that prevent you from creating the life your heart yearns for, and experience a sense of shame, guilt and embarrassment that you can't seem to manage this better.

It can all leave you feeling frustrated, depressed, like your emotions are a liability, life is a battleground and you are barely holding it together.


But I promise you that it doesn’t have to be this way and your emotions are actually not your enemy, they're a superpower!


Your emotions are in fact your greatest ally and an incredible source of insight, wisdom and power… once you learn how to work WITH them. So if you’re a highly emotional person, that means you actually possess a wealth of untapped inner direction and power at your very fingertips and I can teach you HOW to finally use that to your advantage!

There’s no need to feel embarrassed about what you’re going through and you certainly are NOT broken! Most of us didn’t grow up with emotionally aware role models and so we haven’t been taught the essential knowledge and feeling-based tools I help women learn and master. We have been taught to THINK when we need to FEEL. And you can’t think your way out of these problems, which is why they persist.

With my help, you can harness the power of your emotions and change your life. Forever! You'll uncover a whole new way of understanding yourself, others and the challenges you have faced. You'll learn the Emotional Mastery skills that will finally allow you to become the authentic, gracious, empowered leader in your personal and professional life that you have always wanted to be and create ANYTHING you want. Just ask my clients.

So please enjoy checking out my site, including the many free resources, to learn more about Emotional Mastery and how it can help change your life. And if you'd like to chat about how it applies to you, please just schedule your complimentary 15-minute call, anywhere in the world!

Liana xx


“Liana Allison changed my life! I cannot recommend working with her highly enough.”

Gold Coast, Australia


Hi! I’m Liana Allison, the Australian-based founder of The Institute of Empathic Leadership. I’m an international award-winning Empathic Leadership Coach, Business Woman, Spiritual Healer, Intuitive and an Empowered Empath. If what you’ve just read rings true, I know exactly how you feel! I once did too.

For decades, while married (then divorced) and raising my two sons, I ran my own sizeable and successful tourism companies but as a leader, mother and wife I constantly struggled with my emotional sensitivity. It was distressing, draining and made life much harder than it needed to be.

That’s why I trained in a number of modalities that allowed me to pioneer a new empowered way to deal with my emotions in business and in my life. I now love to share this with other Empaths around the world, helping them learn to understand their own emotional language, use their emotional software and feel confident going after ANYTHING they want in life.

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What is The Institute of Empathic Leadership?

The Institute of Empathic Leadership is a powerful new kind of experience-based emotional intelligence coaching for sensitive women.

Our purpose and passion is to help women who are really strong feelers to gain control over their feelings, so that they can stand in their power at work and in their personal lives to create the life that their heart and soul truly desires.

Our world needs to find a new kind of balance that the feminine spirit brings and emotionally-superpowered women will be the leaders of this change. We are here to help them strip away disempowering social conditioning and misinformation and empower themselves them with the perspective, skills and support to rise to the challenges and remember the supreme power of who they really are.

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Winner of the Bronze Stevie Award for

International Women in Business 2017

"Maverick - Changing the Face of Coaching"


Liana has been coaching me in my emotional awareness over the last 6 months. Her work is intuitive, energetic and gets right to the heart (emotional and subconscious aspects) of the matter. I have to say this work has been nothing short of life changing for me.

I’ve had a significant breakthrough in my consciousness around my health (in particular being overweight) such that now taking care of my health happens with ease (as the kilos continue to fall away).

The way I relate to my partner and the kids has gone to the next level as well. I feel much less triggered and (in general) have a more enjoyable time that I was before.

For anyone looking to create real and lasting change in areas of their life that are causing them pain, I highly recommend speaking to Liana.

Prue, Of Service

I came to work with Liana after coming through a life changing event at nearly 50 where I felt overwhelmed with what was happening in my life. My biggest resistance in the beginning was allowing my emotions. I’d never felt comfortable in being raw with my emotions, I’d always seen them as a limiting factor, which is not uncommon right?

Through Liana’s Breakthrough Program, I learnt how to handle positive and negative emotions, stop self-sabotage, change my mindset, have greater self-acceptance, chunk down bigger issues into smaller things that aren’t soul destroying, and how to direct emotion in a positive way.

I’ve let my vulnerability and emotion come through and am now comfortable in being raw with my emotions. I now have a more authentic relationship with the people around me. I’ve let go of the barriers, and know that my relationship with my children and family and any future relationship will be on a different level now.


I have to say those calls with you were what really kept me hanging in there.

As time went on, it became clear I was peeling the layers away and started addressing my emotions, it was tuff but I stuck with it and I am so glad I did.

I knew there was progress along the way but I believe one of my biggest break throughs came more towards the end of the program, it was a longer session than usual, I tried so hard not to cry that day and it became clear to me that you were not going to finish our session on time, even though I was hoping you would. You obviously knew how to get me to face the issue effecting me and when those flood gates opened and I cried I didn’t think I was going to stop. I really appreciated you sticking with me throughout all my emotional times but particularly that day, it’s one that sticks so predominantly in my mind and also for helping me with what I call getting over that fence because if you hadn’t I would still be stuck.

I have learnt so much, from being able to say no without feeling guilty or obligated, I have a greater confidence in believing in my decisions and staying with them, I am also comfortable with things being about myself at times instead of always about others. Basically I am happy with who I am more now than ever before.


I started working with Liana one year ago because, despite my successes to date, I was holding back in going to the next level in my business and life due to a deep and subconscious fear of conflict.

During the 12 months I have worked with Liana, my life has completely changed. I’ve had so many a-ha moments! I’m learning how to effectively deal with any issue that triggers me and work through situations effectively. I'm better able to process the past and anxiety about the future, so I spend less time thinking and more time living!

I genuinely value myself more and I'm more able to speak my truth and manage my boundaries calmly and with power. I'm willing to try new things and go out of my comfort zone in a way that I never have before, including some big changes and finally stepping up in my business.

Liana's body of work is unique and she has an incredible gift for coaching and understanding the deeper wisdom and power of emotions. To me, it is the 'how' that magically complements the 'what' of Brene Brown's work. And it’s worth every penny.

She is also kind, non-judgmental, walks her talk and is extremely professional. If you want a real breakthrough in this area of your life to open up to everything you are truly destined for, I cannot recommend working with Liana more highly.

Amanda, Brand Savvy

Since I took Liana’s training two years ago and engaged her as my Coach for a year, I've gone from being single and $90,000 in debt to now in a very healthy relationship (and we are expecting our first child sometime in April), and I am 5 weeks away from being 100% debt free.

Many thanks Liana!


Liana was a god send for me. Being a business owner and coach, myself, my habit was to channel my stress in ways I felt worked best for me. I have recently realized my techniques weren’t quite benefitting me in the long run and I wasn’t truly ‘dealing’ with my emotions as well as I had thought.

Liana helped me acknowledge and harness my emotions and learn how to channel them productively. I’ve learned so much about listening to my inner feelings and honouring them making me a more calm and focused person.  I have been so grateful for her guidance and understanding. Thank you, Liana!

Tiffany, Art of Modern Real Estate

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