Discover how to harness the power of your emotions to step up and begin to create the life you truly desire.

Finally break through the problems holding you back in any area of your life

– for good!

Ready to Break Through Lifelong Patterns and Become Unstuck?

Many women with great leadership potential – in business and in life - struggle every day to deal with the overwhelm of their emotions and the behaviour and emotions of others. Faced with situations and people that they find hard to handle, they feel frustration, anger, fear, anxiety, self-doubt and confusion, to name a few!

This often results in them taking action that doesn’t get the lasting results they’d like or no action at all, leaving them feeling disempowered, exhausted, resentful and depressed that life isn’t going their way. They see other people breeze through life who don’t seem to be hampered by all these thoughts and feelings, so their emotional nature can begin to feel like the bane of their existence. They’ve tried lots of things and may have made progress, yet certain patterns persist that they can’t seem to break through and that stops them living the life they truly yearn for.

What if I Told you There's a Solution?!

What if I told you that your emotional nature is not a curse, it's actually a superpower? What it means is that you’re actually an Empath – a deep feeler – and your emotional nature is actually a source of heightened intelligence!

You can learn how to listen to your emotions in a way that gives you great wisdom, clarity and the power to respond to ANYTHING life throws at you in a way that you feel truly proud of. What it takes is Emotional Mastery and in this program I go deep with you one-on-one to teach you how to become an Emotional Master and an admirable leader in your life.

Meet Your Emotional Mastery Breakthrough Guru

Hi! I’m Liana Allison, founder of The Institute of Empathic Leadership. I’m an Empathic Leadership Coach, Business Woman, Spiritual Healer, Intuitive and an Empowered Empath. If what you’ve just read rings true, I know exactly how you feel! I once did too. For decades I ran my own sizable and successful tourism companies but as a leader, I constantly struggled with my emotional sensitivity. It was draining and made life much harder than it needed to be. That’s why I trained in a number of modalities that allowed me to pioneer a new way to deal with my emotions and empower me in creating the business and life I was truly destined for. I am now bringing this to Empaths around the world, helping you learn how to use that emotional software and feel confident going after ANYTHING you want in life, proud and excited to be the woman and leader you truly are.

What You'll Learn

  • In just 12 weeks, see profound changes in your life and how you feel within yourself
  • Understand your emotional software as an Empath
  • Know how to use your emotions to access your wisdom and respond effectively to any situation
  • Learn how to turn the destructive power of ‘difficult’ emotions like anger, anxiety and unworthiness into constructive power you can use to improve your outcomes in life
  • Begin to navigate previously difficult people and situations with ease
  • Begin to trust yourself more and feel more confident you can take on ANYTHING in your life!
  • See real evidence of these changes taking effect in your life

What People Are Saying

Are you ready to step up as the leader in your own life?

Do you want to break through the chains of patterns, problems and feelings that have held you back for years?

Do you want to be supported as you take the steps to create the business, love, family and social life you want with greater ease?

Join Master Coach, Liana Allison, for the powerful and life-transforming Emotional Mastery Breakthrough Program.

  • Learn the unique theory of Emotional Mastery as it applies to you.
  • Work through its practical application to the greatest challenges and complexities you face in business and in life to transform them for good.
  • Discover tools, tips and perspectives that empower you to approach life in a completely new way.
  • Transform your daily experience of being alive and your outlook on what’s possible for you and your life.
  • Know that you are fully held and supported by a powerful, intuitive coach in a safe, non-judgmental and completely confidential environment.

The Emotional Mastery Breakthrough Program includes:

  • 12 weeks
  • 30-60 minute intensive one-on-one coaching
  • Text and phone support between sessions if needed
  • Sessions delivered online via Zoom anywhere in the world
  • Receive your audio recording to play back and integrate the learnings deeply

$2,400 or a Payment Plan Option of 12 weekly payments of $220 (Total of $2,640)

Exclusive Access!

You’ll be invited to join the exclusive Facebook group for Emotional Mastery Breakthrough Program Graduates, where you can connect with other women operating at this level.

Discuss questions and receive lifetime support from Liana and like-minded, emotionally empowered women leaders breaking through to create their dreams.

In this group, you’ll receive access to a library of pdf and audio resources to take your transformation to even more profound levels.

Be Guided by an Internationally Acclaimed Emotions Coach

Discover why Liana Allison was awarded the 2017 winner of the International Gold Stevie Women in Business Award for Maverick Coach for her innovative and impactful work changing the lives of women in business.

What Other People Are Saying

Don’t let another year of your life go by in frustration and disappointment!

Take control of your life and discover how to finally experience being the true you, confident, courageous and empowered by your emotions to deal with anything that comes your way. Become the leader in business and life that you’re destined to be!