If you run events for leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators and are looking for a powerfully vulnerable, intuitive and empathic speaker, book Liana to speak at your event….

Liana Allison speaks the secret language of emotions.

She helps emotionally sensitive people to learn how to turn emotional stress into clarity, calm, confidence and inspired action with Emotional Mastery.

Topics Liana Loves to Speak to:

  • Understanding the secret language of your emotions
  • Navigating your emotional guidance system
  • The power of ‘negative’ emotions – such as anger, sadness, anxiety, unworthiness
  • How to lead with emotional intelligence
  • How to regain your personal and professional power
  • How to regain clarity when difficult emotions arise and turn them into inspired, authentic action.

Why Book Liana?

Liana believes that for emotionally sensitive people, our happiness and success does NOT actually begin with mindset as we are commonly told, it begins with Emotional Mastery, as emotions influence our thoughts – even if we do not consciously realise it.

Yet most people grow up without families or role models with much emotional intelligence and they move through life completely unaware of how emotions unconsciously impact their lives. This plays out in unwanted patterns, stopping them from realising true personal freedom, peace, health, happiness and success.

Through Liana’s pioneering work, helping clients to learn very new ways of relating to their thoughts and emotions, she provides a space of total acceptance and non-judgment, which allows the client to reach their own state of acceptance and non-judgment and create powerful shifts in their lives.

This work has changed the lives of people struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, obsessive thinking, insomnia plus a broad range of life, relationship and other health issues.

Liana is also the 2017 Stevie Award winner for International Women in Business – “Maverick – Changing the Face of Coaching”.

Find out how Liana can help make your next event something your audience will love.